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After settling in Canada, here are some essential details you need to know.

Immigrating to Canada welcomes several emotions – the thought of landing in a diverse and well-known country for its devotion to promoting equal treatment of different cultures, races, religions, and sexes is exhilarating. However, it also is frightening.

The reality is that immigrating to Canada means moving to a country that is foreign and utterly opposed to what you usually experience. It means leaving behind everything that you know, friends you love, and the environment where you grew to cherish. According to statistics, the province of Ontario welcomed 139,071 immigrants in 2020. 

That means 139,071 newcomers arrived in Canada with no knowledge of the different laws, different ideals, or even the faintest idea of how snow looks like. A majority of these newcomers came to Canada alone as they fled their countries, leaving family members and friends behind in their pursuit of refuge.

E.Baka Immigration recognizes that while it’s exciting to immigrate and see a different world, being a newcomer is challenging and completely overwhelming. Because of this cultural shock, we want to help individuals and families immigrating to Canada by providing post-settlement services that would allow for a smoother transition and ensure that foreign nationals and or permanent residents settle into Canada with the proper guidance.

Both our platinum and diamond service packages include the following services:

Airport Pick-up

As you arrive in Canada, we will arrange for a team member to warmly welcome you into Canada and drop you off at your destination. We want to ensure that you feel at ease upon landing in Canada and do not have to worry about transportation or to find your way around a foreign town, especially after an exhausting long flight and possible jet lag.

Currently, this particular service is available to individuals immigrating to Ottawa, Ontario only.

Health Care Services Assistance

As a newcomer, health care services are a foreign concept – especially when coming from a country of residence where access to health care is slim or rare. Our team will provide you with the medical information you require, such as setting you up with health care and connecting you with a family doctor that can provide you with medical assistance for you and any accompanying family member.

Financial Services Assistance

Our team will connect you with an accountant to ensure you have adequate information on the financial services you require and assist you with financial matters such as: setting up a bank account.

Housing Assistance 

Housing is one of the most challenging aspects of immigrating to Canada. Our team will ensure that you are adequately informed and aware of all accommodation options available and simultaneously connect you with a qualified representative to help you with all your housing needs.

Childcare Services Assistance 

For individuals who have arrived with children, we will make it our duty to ensure that you receive updates of eligible schools for your child or children in proximity to the area you will be residing.

Language Testing Assistance 

The majority of immigration programs for permanent residency require language testing. Our team is prepared to provide you with the correct information and tools you need to leave you with a high probability of passing your language exam.

Citizenship Examination Assistance

For permanent residents that qualify for citizenship, one of our licensed immigration professionals will work with you one-on-one to adequately prepare you for your citizenship examination and secure your citizenship. 

Immigrating to Canada doesn’t have to be as frightening– let our immigration professionals provide you with the guidance you need to settle and integrate into your Canadian dream quickly. Book the platinum or diamond service today!


Service Benefits

  • Legal Protection
  • Regular Checkups
  • Assistance with insurance
  • Updates on Your Immigration Status
  • Help with an application for Permanent Residency
  • Free counselling and consultations
  • Consultation With a Licensed Immigration Consultant