Intra-Company Transferee

Intra-company transfer to Canada are a popular way for international workers to move to Canada. If you work for a company that has a parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Canada, you may be able to secure a Canadian work permit through the Intra-company transfer program.

Approved applicants through the Intra-company transfer program obtain a temporary work permit. Work experience gained as an intra-company transferee in Canada may then be used as a springboard to permanent residence in Canada, as Canadian work experience is highly valued under Canada’s points-based immigration system.

Accompanying family members may also join the foreign worker in Canada, with the spouse or common-law partner of the intra-company transferee being able to work in Canada on an open work permit.

Employers bringing international staff to Canada as intra-company transferees are exempt from the requirement to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). For this reason, the process can be quicker, simpler, and more cost effective than the LMIA route. Qualified intra-company transferees provide ‘significant economic benefit to Canada’ through the transfer of their skills and expertise to the Canadian labour market. Intra-company transferees may be from any country